Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

July 2015, July 2013, July 2012, October 2010

Riu Palace5 STAR

We have yet to stay elsewhere that’s how good this place is. The RIU has two resorts on the property, the Palace and the Santa Fe. The Santa Fe is more family oriented, not beachfront but also more affordable. The Palace is beach front, more glamorous, and more adult oriented. If you stay at the Palace your wristband will give you access to the Santa Fe resort as well, but not vise versa. Either resort is a fabulous option.

EVERYTHING receives 5 STARS: Service, Cleanliness, Location, Food, Entertainment, Rooms, Views, Aesthetics, Amenities — ALL of it.


  1. Deep sea fishing {check seasons}
  2. Migriño Beach ATV tour
  3. Swim with dolphins
  4. Sunset Party Cruise:


  1. Lover’s Beach {if the tide is safe}

Grab a glass bottom boat taxi that provides snorkel gear and spend the day at Lover’s Beach! Bring towels, and necessities only. You can purchase beer and a cooler as well as rent umbrellas and chairs from the locals when you arrive. This is a fun spot to beach lounge, snorkel, and cliff jump! I wouldn’t recommend this for children under 10.

  1. Mango Deck

A very happenin’ daytime spot…if you’re looking to get rowdy, followed by a quiet evening – definitely go here! This is a great spot to grab some lunch, drinks, beach lounge, people watch and just hang out for the day. There is usually a DJ/MC who is facilitating some fun, but adult, games. This is a great spot for groups as well, but I don’t recommend this spot for children of any age.

  1. Shopping

There is the usual street shopping downtown. Filled with authentic, handmade goodies…where you can usually negotiate great deals. Luxury Avenue in Los Cabos is the spot to go for all your high-end luxury brands – keep in mind, depending on where you’re coming from this is likely not a friendly tax sales option!


  1. CABO WABO Cantina
  2. Mandala Nightclub
  3. El Squid Roe
  4. Happy Ending Cantina


  1. The Office
    • Must: Fresh Guacamole {but everything is amazing}
  2. Mariscos Matzatlan
    • Must: Coconut Shrimp
  3. Edith’s
    • Must: Steaks

Quick Tips

  1. There are two areas to stay in when you visit Cabo: Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas. We’ve only ever stayed in Cabo San Lucas, which I highly recommend, but it depends on what you’re looking for.
    • Cabo San Lucas is in the middle of it all –  shopping, nightlife, excursions, restaurants and marina. The Riu is a $12USD 5min cab ride to town, in my opinion its the perfect location if you want to be close to town, but not in the middle of the busy chaos.
    • Los Cabos is further away from all of this – but it is where you would want to stay for seclusion. It has the highest end, romantic resorts – but it is about a 25-30min cab drive to Cabo San Lucas.
  2. When you arrive at the airport and exit customs people will try to take your money, and sell you on FREE everything, but of course nothing is free. They are HUSTLING. Our first trip they managed to squeeze $100 bucks out of us – so don’t fall for it! Pay the extra $40/pp when you book your trip for the two-way transfer to the hotel, it’s worth it to avoid the headache.
  3. The weather is always beautiful in Cabo… but the sun in the summer months is fierce! October is an amazing time to go.
  4. Traveling to Cabo is just as safe as traveling anywhere else. Make smart decisions: don’t roam off the beaten path by yourself, do anything illegal, accept anything from a stranger, wear valuable things, etc etc… and you’ll be fine.

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