Transformational Leadership in the Sales World

Part 1 This is the first of a multi-post series on Transformational Leadership in the SALES WORLD. So, stick around there is lots to talk about. Sales Operations? Strategy? Sales Planning? Enablement? OH MY! It's amazing how many organizations are expanding their sales organizations to not only include roles focused on these critical functions - but … Continue reading Transformational Leadership in the Sales World

Greener Grass… So They Say

"The grass isn't always green[er] on the other side [of the fence]..." "The grass isn't always greener on the other side, it's greener where you water it..." "The grass is greener where you water it..." We've all heard these green grass quotes. Commonly used as popular analogies to say, 'it' could always be worse; whatever … Continue reading Greener Grass… So They Say

5 Recruiting Strategies Your Competition Isn’t Thinking About

The unemployment rate in the United States is expected to be 3.90 percent by the end of this quarter, according to Trading Economics global macro models and analysts’ expectations. This is nearly a two-decade low. In addition to this, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of quits or voluntary separations is rising year over year. … Continue reading 5 Recruiting Strategies Your Competition Isn’t Thinking About

A Key To Over Performance – If Done Right

Motivation - Results because they want to achieve themMotivation can be tricky and daunting. I often see organizations very focused on extrinsic motivation, and allowing intrinsic motivation takes a backseat. Before we dive in to what I mean, here is a quick illustration to differentiate the two types of motivation: Intrinsic motivation is critical to … Continue reading A Key To Over Performance – If Done Right

7 Toxic Sins of Leaderships

No, I didn't say 'deadly' sins - there's no need to be that dramatic. Poor leadership never led to a fatality, let's be honest. 🙂 However, you can be certain these sins will bring toxicity to an organization, and quickly kill any chance you may have to becoming a true leader. There is a silver … Continue reading 7 Toxic Sins of Leaderships

Be The Lion

Don't be the small dog. What does the Lion and the Small Dog mean to you?

5 Exercises That Deliver Results

There are many development tools and personality assessments out there. You've probably done several if you've ever participated in any kind of leadership summit or professional training. On the rare occasion you have never had the opportunity to do any, then you should start today. Being a leader means always seizing the opportunity to better … Continue reading 5 Exercises That Deliver Results

One Tip That Will Change How You Email

Early on in my career, I would some 'talking to's' about the way my emails may 'come across'. The adjectives in the feedback would range from, too bold, demanding, condescending, strong, harsh… and my personal favorite - bossy. 9 out of 10 times, the feedback was valid - even though genuinely it was never my … Continue reading One Tip That Will Change How You Email

Delegating With Empowerment First {Part II}

Deciding What To Delegate Delegation does not mean dumping your to-do items on someone else's plate or punting tedious tasks just because you’re the boss and you can. There are many methods for deciding what should be delegated, most are inward focused, and based on things that mainly benefit the delegator, and not the delegatee. … Continue reading Delegating With Empowerment First {Part II}

Enabling Success or Something Else?

I'll never forget a particular time that I was served some humble pie and a reality check by two of my employees. They basically called me out on a major gap I had as a leader, that I wasn't truly aware of: my ability to delegate {or lack thereof}.  Both of these employee's -- I'll … Continue reading Enabling Success or Something Else?